Napi Friendship Association is glad to welcome those who are in need of food donations, clothing donations or house supplies (Dishes, cleaning, bedding, bathroom, ect).

We're happy to include those of the mentioned ages into our many events/programs (Event/Program posters will be posted before the happening date, up until the date of)

The Brighter Futures Project.

Brighter Futures is a Youth wellness program with many options for the youth in and around the community.

Click the Brighter Futures picture below to learn more about the partnered project.


Youth Wellness and
Youth Support.

Every month a new poster will be posted for those that are interested in joining the fun.

Please contact the given contact info
(In the posters below) to register for any up coming events.


Food and Home
Supplement Programs

Due to how the pandemic has effected many, we have partnered with other community resources to start a Food Supplement program for those who are in need of the many things we plan to offer.
Please call the below info to register or find out more.


Mental Health Programs

Napi Mental Health Team is here for those who are in need of the resources to find the right help or are happy to accept our offered professionals help (See our Staff list)

2022_Redress Day Poster.jpg

Cultural Support Programs.


Many more events and programs.

Any one is welcome to the
Napi Friendship Association.

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