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What is The Friendship Centre?

Napi is Designed to revolve around the social interaction between people of all ages and backgrounds. In this regard, social activities make up a significant portion of the activities that take place here. Napi follows this mandate but due to the size of our community and relatively small indigenous population, our aims and objectives are limited. 

What Purpose do we Serve?

Our primary goal is to create a better relationship between Pincher creek and the Piikani Nation.

We endeavour to do this though the development of programs in the areas of education, recreation, cultural and social activities.

Napi is dedicated to serving the needs of indigenous people residing in the town of Pincher creek and improving the quality of living in the community as a whole.

Fundamental to this is recognizing the inherent worth of all peoples regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, or culture and to promote this view in the community at large. 

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